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Bulk SMS Management

 Bulk SMS Management application is a powerful tool for bulk SMS marketing which is one of the most useful strategies for generating leads for your business.

  • Key Features

1          - Send SMSs to multiple customers

2          - Add / edit customer details to send SMS for marketing campaigns or promotions

3          - Categorize customers as confirmed, interested or not interested

4          - Create categories by customer type. Send bulk SMSs to customer categories separately

5          - SMS composing is done with HTML editor. Preview each SMS before sending

6          - SMS message is saved as an SMS template. Create and customize multiple SMS templates

7          - Get message history like number of SMSs sent to a customer phone number. Add comment to customers details

8          - Send instant SMS to an individual customer

9          - Suspend an SMS template from the application

  • Benefits

1          - Bulk SMS management helps in product promotion and other marketing campaigns

2          - Messages like promotions, reminders, alerts and special notice can be delivered quickly

3          - Fully customizable and scalable

4          - Helps customers to constantly engage in your companies updates

5          - User friendly interface

6          - WebERP4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world