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Event Management System


We here by happy to put proposal for Event Management, which will empower your activities like Event, conference, Seminar, meetings technologically with expression of it into form of Website for visitors, as Online presence. While back end of it will be supported with back office work like Account management, Delegate registration, Stall booking, sponsorship collection, details of which are as follow;


Branding & Promotion


  • Creating Theme aligning with the scientific subjects decided by the committee..
  • Creating exclusive LOGO, tagline and the customized colour scheme with the theme for the conference to create and design the Flex Banners, hoardings, brochures, souvenir, Delegate ID cards, Invitation Card for Special Guest, Food coupons, website and so on…
  • Planning for mass promotion of the event to the fraternity, medical industries, pharmaceutical companies and people at large.
  • Online marketing & promotional activity for the Event
  • Suggestion and help for taking decision like selection of media partners, in managing event task like catering, entertainment, bookings & arrangements etc...


Event Web Presence


  • Designing of Website complying theme of event with Development & maintenance of it furnishing all fruitful information relevant to Event
    • Organizing Committee details
    • Details of National & International speakers along with profile
    • Event Venue, Dates &Program Highlights with Agenda,
    • Scientific Programme Schedule
    • Paper presentation topic with Guidelines & deadlines of submission
    • Latest details of stall booking along with name of owner of booked stall
    • Registration details along with process of Registration,
    • Registered candidates list with searching facility to know status,
    • Sponsors, Registration, Accommodation, transportation, How to reach etc…
  • Online Registration of Delegates with Mail on confirmation of Registration
  • Online payment system for Registration, stall booking, sponsorship as well advertisement
  • Display of Latest Stall booking information with Name of Stall Owner
  • Important announcement through SMS & E-mail facility to Delegates & Event committee members


Administrative & Secretarial Work


  • All Process of Delegate Registration
  • All process of Stall booking, Sponsorship & advertisement collection for souvenir
  • Invoicing, payment proceedings along with receipt generation
  • E-mail communication for facilitation of Event
  • All banking & other required secretarial work with fast pace
  • Account management of Event with Ledger creation to manage expense & income
  • Facility of One Window communication System for provision of Event information like about venue, Accommodation, facilities, speaker, registration, stall booking status, paper submission etc..
  • Meeting Management from preparation of agenda to minutes of meeting with mailing functionality to meeting members to their mail
  • Meeting facilitation with 1 representative for record keeping
  • Preparing Memento for the Event


Event website can be linked to main website of Association of Ophthalmologist, that link will be directed to the event website by just a single click. All activities of event as well as events information of Association will be available on Event website and at same time also can be managed online.


After Completion of event all Information starting from registered delegates, paper presentation, financial information every small to big information can be saved as historical data & will be available whenever required in future.


Multimedia Projection


  • Multi Media Projections along with coordination for live telecast of the event to all the Medical colleges in the western region if permission is granted.


Printing & Distribution


Printing of all material required in Event as follow;


  • Event Brochure along with distribution of it through currier to list of members informing Highlights, Venue & Date of Event
  • Souvenir with customized requirement of Client
  • Invitation Card for invitation of special Guest
  • Flex Banners for Event Venue
  • Identity Card for Registered Delegates
  • Food Coupons and other Kit material which required printing as per customized requirement