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Temple Management System

Temple Management Package is a highly scalable product for Hindu Temples. It offers a complete automation in billing and accounts, inventory, staff management and administration sections. It helps temple administrators to assure effective devotee service.

Temple Management solution is bundled with an excellent accounting package which enables easy operation and efficient reporting. It's available with internet support to allow devotees to make online offerings, pooja bookings, and many more useful features.

Main Goals

  • Expanding the Horizon of HOLY SEVA of temple
  • Managing all activities of temple using technology
  • Centralization of database with reporting system
  • Controlling all activities using user module
  • Computerization of all financial Transaction
  • All Income and Expenses data will be computerized
  • Online Schedule management for SEVA


  • Simple user interface to reduce operation time. Smart tab setting for complete keyboard control
  • Reduce data entries lead to eliminate chances for errors and reduce operator effort
  • SQL server and .NET technology allows to add multiple computers (data entry points) without more investment
  • Complete agile development practice ensures delivery of perfect software. Most of the customization will be done at the client premises. This enables clients to make changes during the time of development.
  • Time tested and reliable software which require less maintenance


Resolution: 1024x768
Framework used: To be defined by PM Development Centre, .Net Framework 3.5
Languages: MSSQL, C#
Architecture: 3-Tier Architecture


There will be only one language: English

Service Module

Devotees Module

Devotees of Temple can be managed with the help of this module as, Entry of new devotee with their detail profile & contact Information can be done through this module, and information will be stored in data base for further use & avoid duplication. Service features are as;

  • Add New Devotees
  • Information of all Devotees
  • Information of all activities of devotees
  • Receipt generation with print option

Income Module

Income of temple can be managed through this module, where Income from different activities of temple are categorized & managed with simple & user friendly application. Entry of all type of Income related to donation from devotees, SEVA Income, POOJA & PRASADAM Income can be managed from here and reports related to income are also generated & Printed as per requirement with the help of this module.

Expense Module

Expenses of temple can be managed through this module, where every kind of expenses either related to management or any temple activity can be entered here & vouchers related to those particular expenses can be generated with print. Expenses can be viewed of any date using filter.

SEVA Module

SEVA of temple can be managed using this module in which different kind of features is available as;

  • Add new SEVA and charge of that SEVA
  • No. of Person allowed in SEVA
  • Schedule of SEVA
  • Display of SEVA daily schedule on Dashboard

Attendance Module

TMS is also furnished with Staff Management Module and thus software is integrated with Biometrics Machine to calculate the attendance of all staff of Temple, and also directly calculate the salary based on the attendance received from Biometrics Machine.

In case if Biometrics machine is not working than here system is furnished with manual attendance entry of employees.

Manage Master

Master of different Module forms are available here that can be utilized to prepare drop down Menu for entering the details as;

  • Add type of Income
  • Add type of Expenses
  • Add Details of Staff like Personal Details with Designation….
  • Add salary components for salary calculation
  • Calendar management like add details of festival….., that directly have effect on notice board or dashboard of system
  • Add new Religion, Country, State, District, Taluka, City etc…. to add details of devotees or staff during entry
  • Manage User for updating user for TMS, that all user having permission also set by using this masters

Reporting System

TMS is integrated system of different kind of modules as Devotees, Income, Expense, SEVA, Staff, Attendance and much more. Reports related to all modules can be accessed as well as printing can be done by just simple use of filter. Reports available here are;

  • Report of Devotees
  • Report of Income
  • Report of Expenses
  • Report of Salary all in one as well Individual
  • Address Label printing on Cover
  • Account Statement of all Income & Expenses



Salary Calculation integrated with Biometrics Machine, which make salary processing task very easy to calculate


Withdrawal of staff can be maintained from module and it’s integrated with salary Module which will maintain each financial detail very clearly with backup system.


Stock Module specially developed to maintain the stock of Temple either it is related to prasadam or related to any kind of material of admin & operational use.


Notes which will be displayed on notice board that can be prepared using this module and effect of which will be displayed on Dashboard of TMS (Temple Management System)


As this web application namely Temple Management System is user friendly and thus it can be operated easily avoiding frequent use of Mouse and it will also speed up the work and activities of temple. And thus as a help certain Keyboard Short Cut Keys are provided to Serve the Client.